“Manipal Press Limited nurtures a highly motivated and prolific work-panel, committed to deliver unique customized service in terms of fostering the value proposition of quality, speed and innovation in the domain of Print Solutions across diverse industry verticals.”
- Mr. T. Gautham S. Pai [ Pioneer of avant-garde Print Solutions]

Manipal Press Limited (MPL), a premier assemblage of the $750 million Manipal Group, was established in 1941 with just one client and a letter-press. In today’s 3G milieu, its precincts extend to a 600,000 square feet plant base, sporting high-end equipment and technological expertise. It was in 2006-07 that all diversified printing businesses were consolidated under one collateral edifice.

A modern, integrated, end-to-end print solutions group with a growing global presence, MPL in its present reigning thrust has established its repute as the market leader in avant-garde technology, catering to a plethora of clients worldwide. It is rated as the best in Asia. Since the consolidation phase MPL has maintained its synergetic structure in concord with its prolific profile.

Setting MPL apart are the values and beliefs that have remained the same since inception. Forming its strong foundation has been the perseverance to innovate, the inquisitiveness to learn, the sensitivity towards customer expectations and the passion to maintain superior quality. Each day, over 2,000 expert professionals come together to deliver what MPL has come to be known for over the years: quality, punctuality and value returns for its clientele.

MPL has structured strategic alliances with LEGO Print - the largest printer in Italy, Thomas Greg & Sons - the global leader in security products & solutions and Chanwanich Security Printing Company Ltd., Thailand - the largest security products and solutions provider in South East Asia, to give clients an edge in a highly dynamic and competitive marketplace.

MPL is the largest private sector security printer in India and leads several niche product segments including pre-paid telecom cards, personalized checks, and courier waybills. RFID solutions and VDP are our prime spheres of expertise. Our unit prints over 1 billion cheques and multi-color drafts annually for over 100 odd banks, national and multinational. We are also the largest producer of Pre-paid Telephone Cards with 55% market share, manufacturing over 3.5 million cards per day for leading mobile telephone companies in the country. Apart from this we print Confidential instruments for over 20 Universities and Boards. Our plastic card division provides high-security Visa and Master card solutions. An added credit is that we are at par with all premier Commercial and Digital printers of global acclaim.

MPL has helped the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to introduce the feature of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Clearing System in the country. This is ample testimony to the trust placed in the company’s work culture, a vote for its integrity, making it a forerunner in authentication solutions.

MPL has a strong foothold in American and European continents. MIPPL - Manipal International Printing Press Ltd., our company base at Nairobi in Kenya, is a high-tech Flexo and Gravure plant that caters to the east African market for MPL’s products. MPL has acquired Universal Print Systems Limited [UPSL-2008] which is a sophisticated label production base. Our outsourced print supply chain solutions figure in content library management for digital and physical formats, as also it hinges on pre-press, warehousing and distribution.

MPL’s unrivaled capabilities also extend to consultancy, inventory management and logistics. It has streamlined its workflow and processes with Strategic Business Units to cater to product-specific requirements. Each unit has a clearly defined product line backed by avant-garde technology. No other outsourced print-solutions provider in India offers the customer such a diverse range of products along with the privileged option of choosing from the latest Web, Sheet-fed and Digital technologies. Its versatility enables MPL to face today’s challenges and meet tomorrow’s needs.